TEE Times for the Tenth Annual Golf Tournament are posted below.

The tournament is at Oaks North Executive Golf Course.

Golf Registration will be open from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. 

Please plan to arrive no later than 1:00pm.


Tee Time Course Golfer
1:00 PM EAST Ron Brockhoff
1:00 PM EAST Craig Hagen
1:00 PM EAST Rey Loya
1:00 PM EAST Tom Onstot
1:00 PM SOUTH Keith Leighton
1:00 PM SOUTH Zach Leighton
1:00 PM SOUTH David Sultzbaugh
1:00 PM SOUTH Karli Sultzbaugh
1:07 PM EAST Troy Taylor
1:07 PM EAST Sam Hutsell
1:07 PM EAST Mike Muller
1:07 PM EAST Tom Jones
1:07 PM SOUTH Bill Bryan
1:07 PM SOUTH Cheryl Bryan
1:07 PM SOUTH John Cahoon
1:07 PM SOUTH Laura Zlot
1:15 PM EAST Rich Flees
1:15 PM EAST Al Weiss
1:15 PM EAST Erik Flees
1:15 PM EAST Wade Heimbigner
1:15 PM SOUTH Larry Gabriel
1:15 PM SOUTH Nina Gabriel
1:15 PM SOUTH Wally Smith
1:15 PM SOUTH Lisa Saul
1:22 PM EAST Jim Siska
1:22 PM EAST Jim Shafer
1:22 PM EAST Steve Mitchell
1:22 PM EAST Tyler Mitchell
1:22 PM SOUTH Lizzie Ellison
1:22 PM SOUTH Patricia Flathers
1:22 PM SOUTH Eric Williamson
1:22 PM SOUTH Teresa Alvarez
1:30 PM EAST Dan Dove
1:30 PM EAST Michael Henkel
1:30 PM EAST Lisa Williams
1:30 PM EAST Dennis Senger
1:30 PM SOUTH Ron Flathers
1:30 PM SOUTH Marlene Flathers
1:30 PM SOUTH Ronnie Flathers
1:30 PM SOUTH Kevin Brinig
1:37 PM EAST Robert Bencivenga
1:37 PM EAST Dominic Bencivenga
1:37 PM EAST John Stoll
1:37 PM EAST Tyler Stoll
1:37 PM SOUTH Tyler Ellison
1:37 PM SOUTH Terry Ellison
1:37 PM SOUTH Tom Nunns
1:37 PM SOUTH Wyatt Anderson
1:45 PM EAST John Carney
1:45 PM EAST Vic Reichert
1:45 PM EAST Craig Sabetti
1:45 PM EAST Kevin Casey
1:45 PM SOUTH Kay Anderson
1:45 PM SOUTH Robert Lastrico
1:45 PM SOUTH Jaci Edwards
1:45 PM SOUTH Mark Cook
1:52 PM EAST Oliver Ona
1:52 PM EAST David Johnson
1:52 PM EAST John Saliem
1:52 PM EAST Michael Villandre
1:52 PM SOUTH Nancy Ellison
1:52 PM SOUTH Peter Ogle
1:52 PM SOUTH Cara Ogle
1:52 PM SOUTH Cathy Ellison
2:00 PM EAST Ray Van Meter
2:00 PM EAST Robert Stehlik
2:00 PM EAST Dawn Deratany
2:00 PM EAST Kim Pinkerton
2:00 PM SOUTH Jennie Ellison
2:00 PM SOUTH Art Ruiz
2:00 PM SOUTH Jana Celecki
2:00 PM SOUTH Greg Knight
2:07 PM EAST Joe Davis
2:07 PM EAST Megan Davis
2:07 PM EAST Liz Davis
2:07 PM EAST Shaun Goff
2:07 PM SOUTH Ashley Lastrico
2:07 PM SOUTH Michael White
2:07 PM SOUTH Peter Ziegler
2:07 PM SOUTH  
2:15 PM EAST Bryan Johnson
2:15 PM EAST Janie Johnson
2:15 PM EAST Linda Johnson
2:15 PM EAST Brett Johnson





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